Chantal Dybala

registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN)
Master of science (MS)

Food is way more than fuel to me! It is on my mind when I wake and before I sleep. I dream about it too!  My passions are food photography, food product innovation and recipe development.  Not a day passes that I do not create a recipe or at the very least design a recipe in my head.

Nutrition and health are directly related.  As our Millennial and Baby Boomers consumers dominate our population, there is no better time to focus on the market they drive that includes: culturally diverse culinary offerings, functional foods, nutrient-dense, convenient and on-the-go options, sustainably sourced, natural, and plant-based foods. As a nutrition professional, I can make a positive impact on health through nutrition.


I grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana.  My love for food actually developed from the outstanding and unique cuisine and culture native to South Louisiana. My family, especially my parents, developed my palate for all cuisines. 


I was always drawn to Texas, as we would visit family in Austin and Houston area frequently when I was young. I moved to Texas in 2000 for graduate school and dietetic internship. I currently reside in the Houston area with my dynamic husband of 14 years and two hilarious children. My family is my inspiration for what I do.

Some of my favorite things to do are: take photos of food, create recipes, practice yoga, go to the grocery store (yes, I really do enjoy discovering new food items) and DIY home renovations. 


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